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Nov 16

Degrees and Double-Standards: Scoring the College Scorecard

In September, the U.S. Department of Education introduced its new College Scorecard, touted as a resource for parents and students alike as they investigate U.S. colleges and universities searching for a higher education institution to meet their individual needs. Interestingly enough, such scorecards or rankings have been offered by the private sector for many years and in multiple formats. So why now is a federal government tool of this sort needed? Additionally, several well-regarded colleges are nowhere to be found in the data. Might parameters other than objectivity be hidden in the measurement models? What factors may or may not be included in the scorecard’s design? For consumers to make truly informed decisions they need to know they are receiving comprehensive data under clear and transparent standards.

Grove City College is one of the significant institutions of higher learning absent from this new College Scorecard. Join us as College President Paul J. McNulty addresses the facts and fallacies of higher education ratings and rankings as well as the challenges and opportunities facing American higher education today.

More About the Speakers

Paul J. McNulty
President, Grove City College

Hosted by
Michael Costigan
Senior Advisor, Strategic Outreach, The Heritage Foundation