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Nov 17

Challenging the OECD PISA Analysis: Implications for Education Reform

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Over the past 15 years, the education debate has become increasingly internationalized following the birth of the OECD’s PISA survey. PISA scores measure the skills and knowledge of students internationally and have become widely interpreted as a measure of countries’ education policy success. Policymakers in countries with lower PISA scores often look to countries that fare well on PISA for ideas to improve student performance.

But is this a good way to conduct education policy? This forum will discuss the value of PISA and alternative measures for school reform. Often, a country’s success is more complex than a PISA survey can capture and ignores the potential of free market solutions. Using a range of education policy examples, with Finland, Sweden, England and the United States as case studies, the forum highlights the pitfalls associated with “best practice” and the OECD’s analyses for finding out what works. It will also consider implications for U.S. policy within the context of growing school choice options.

More About the Speakers

Gabriel Sahlgren
Director of Research, Centre for the Study of Market Reform of Education, United Kingdom

James Croft
Director, Centre for the Study of Market Reform of Education, United Kingdom

Lindsey Burke
Will Skillman Fellow in Education Policy, The Heritage Foundation

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