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Nov 19

Farming in Fear

A special screening

Farming in Fear premiered at the prestigious Anthem Film Festival on July 11 in Las Vegas, where it captured two awards: Best Short Documentary and Audience Choice. Farming in Fear tells the story of Martha Boneta, a young, idealistic woman who fulfills her childhood dream of buying and operating a small organic farm; but actions by a web of connected groups and individuals threaten to put her out of business.

Farming in Fear examines the nearly 10-year ordeal a local Virginia farmer fought in order to earn a living operating her small farm. Despite obstacles created by local government and personal attacks, Martha Boneta never gave up on her dream. The 28-minute documentary takes viewers through her battle, from the treatment she received from local officials to the introduction of the “Boneta Bill” – protection for small farmers ensuring that they will never experience what Martha did.

Join us for a screening of Farming in Fear followed by a conversation with

Martha Boneta, Businesswoman and Virginia Farmer
Bonner Cohen, Senior Fellow, National Center for Public Policy Research
Kevin Mooney, Freelance Reporter, The Daily Signal

Hosted by
Becky Norton Dunlop
Vice President, External Relations, The Heritage Foundation

5:00 p.m. Screening / 5:30 p.m. Discussion followed by Reception

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