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Nov 04

A Preview of the Paris Climate Change Conference

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President Obama plans to circumvent the Senate and prevent it from having any input on the Paris climate change agreement, which will be negotiated in Paris in December. That is alarming behavior on the President’s part, since the international commitments that he will make in Paris will have a significant impact on American energy production and consumption. The President’s intention to evade Senate review shows an unprecedented level of executive unilateralism and should be opposed by Congress by any and all means.

Join us Senator Mike Lee provides his views on the President’s plan followed by a panel of leading experts who will address what will happen in Paris later this year and what Congress can do about it.

More About the Speakers

Keynote Address by
The Honorable Mike Lee (R-UT)
United States Senator

Followed by a Discussion with
Harlan Watson, Ph.D.
Senior Climate Negotiator, U.S. Department of State (2001-2008), and Adjunct Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Christopher Horner
Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Nicolas Loris
Senior Policy Analyst, Institute for Economic Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation

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