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Oct 28

Winter Butterfly

U.S. Premiere of the South Korean Film

Winter Butterfly

(In Korean with English Subtitles)

Followed by a Discussion with
Kim Gyu-min, Director

Winter Butterfly follows the life of a mother and son who live on the edge of North Korean society, barely scraping by and getting enough to eat by collecting and selling wood. The film follows the pair as they spiral into despair. (Warning: Some viewers may find parts of the film disturbing.)

Winter Butterfly is based on lives director Kim Gyu-min personally witnessed in North Korea. Kim is one of only a few North Korean defector film directors active in South Korea. Winter Butterfly has been screened at the United Nations, Hong Kong, Spain, and makes its U.S. premiere at The Heritage Foundation.

Director Kim Gyu-min is originally from North Hamgyoung Province, North Korea. He escaped North Korea in 1999, and resettled in South Korea in 2001. During a career spanning more than 12 years in South Korea, Mr. Kim has directed and produced several short films and documentaries, as well as directing and producing Winter Butterfly. In addition, he has written screen plays for numerous film productions, and most importantly, Mr. Kim has participated as staff in major South Korean film and TV productions, such as 'The High Rollers' (2006), 'Into the Fire' (2010), 'Ode to My Father' (2014), and as an assistant director in the groundbreaking film, 'Crossing' (2008). He is currently working on his next major full-length feature production, 'The Gift of Love'.

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