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Sep 25

Iran’s Deadly Ambition: The Islamic Republic’s Quest for Global Power

Conventional wisdom certainly seems to believe we are on the cusp of détente with Iran. In the aftermath of the interim nuclear deal struck in November 2013 hopes are now running high for a historic reconciliation between Iran's clerical regime and the West. Yet there is ample reason for skepticism that the United States and Europe can truly curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions by diplomatic means. Moreover, the current focus on Iran’s nuclear program on the part of the Western governments is deeply dangerous, because it fails to recognize – let alone address – Iran’s other international activities or its foreign policy ambitions. Those objectives, argues Ilan Berman, are global in scope and growing.

Iran's Deadly Ambition explains how America's retraction from the Middle East has created significant breathing room for a regime that not long ago was on the political ropes. Economically, the Islamic Republic is "out of the box" that was erected over the past decade-and-a-half by Western sanctions, thanks to the nuclear deal just concluded by Iran and the P5+1 powers. As a result, Iran's leaders are again thinking big about their country and its place in the world. America faces stark choices: to confront Iran's nuclear ambitions and global activities, or to accept and accommodate the region's newest hegemon, with all that that portends for American security and the safety of its allies.

Ilan Berman, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council, is an expert on regional security in the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Russian Federation. He has consulted for both the CIA and the U.S. Department of Defense and provided assistance on foreign policy and national security issues to a range of governmental agencies and congressional offices. He is a member of the Associated Faculty at Missouri State University's Department of Defense and Strategic Studies and also serves as a columnist for Forbes.com as well as the Editor of The Journal of International Security Affairs.

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