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Jul 31

A Watershed Moment in School Choice

~ A Milton Friedman Legacy Day Event ~

“It is only the tyranny of the status quo,” argued Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman, “that leads us to take it for granted that in schooling, government monopoly is the best way for the government to achieve its objective.”

On July 31, 2015, on what would have been Friedman’s 103rd birthday, we will examine how Friedman’s notion of the school voucher has been refined in the form of education savings accounts, which are infusing unparalleled choice and innovation into K-12 education across the country. Specifically, we will examine the case of Nevada, where Governor Brian Sandoval has just signed into law the nation’s first near-universal education savings account option. Every parent of a child in a Nevada public school will now have the option of using an ESA, enabling them to use the per-pupil state funding for their child for a variety of education-related services, products, and providers, including private school tuition, online learning, special education services and therapies, textbooks, tutors, and curricula, among a host of other options.

The Silver State has struck gold with near-universal education savings accounts. But in order to ensure families can benefit from the richness of ESAs as vehicles for education choice, those working to guarantee the success of ESAs are considering important questions concerning implementation, potential legal challenges, and transparency for funds and performance. We are at a watershed moment in the story of the progression of choice in education. Join our panel of experts to learn about what this means for the future of choice in the courts and the classroom as part of this Milton Friedman Legacy Day event.

More About the Speakers

Jason Bedrick
Education Policy Analyst, Cato Institute

Jonathan Butcher
Education Director, The Goldwater Institute

Tim Keller
Managing Attorney, Arizona Office, Institute for Justice

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Lindsey Burke Lindsey Burke

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