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Jul 08

Can Puerto Rico Return to Growth?

Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro García Padilla has announced that the commonwealth’s $72 billion debt “is not payable.” Puerto Rico’s debt crisis has been brought on by persistent deficits and two decades of low growth. The Puerto Rican economy is in depression. In a report commissioned by the government of Puerto Rico, distinguished economist Anne Krueger and her co-authors bluntly reported on the sorry state of economic policy in Puerto Rico. What can the Puerto Rican government do to restore incentives, opportunity, and growth? What can Congress do to enhance economic freedom and support the commonwealth’s reforms?

More About the Speakers

Keynote Remarks by
Anne O. Krueger, Ph.D.
Senior Research Professor of International Economics, School for Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Followed by panel discussion with
Nicole Kaeding
Budget Analyst, Cato Institute

Mike Gonzalez
Senior Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

Hosted By

Salim Furth, Ph.D. Salim Furth, Ph.D.

Research Fellow, Macroeconomics Read More