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Jul 15

Patriotic Voices from Europe

Nigel Farage, Leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), will address the significance of the United Kingdom’s impending European Union referendum. An affirmation of U.K. sovereignty and a departure from the E.U. will have a direct positive outcome on U.S.-U.K. relations on trade, security, and foreign policy. Additionally, the UKIP Leader will examine concerns about radical Islam in Europe, the growth of terrorist networks and territories in the Middle East through ISIS and other terror groups as well as the rise of anti-Semitism around the world. He will also review UKIP’s responsibilities as the largest delegation from the United Kingdom at the European Parliament, having gained the support of four million voters in the most recent election.

Following his remarks, Roger Helmer will offer an analysis on the issues of climate change, energy and E.U. directives. William Dartmouth will review U.S.-U.K. free trade opportunities and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership proposal. Paul Nuttall will reflect on the growing influence of supranational government structures, national sovereignty concerns, and the citizens’ representation through national governments.

More About the Speakers

Featuring Keynote Remarks by
Nigel Farage MEP
Leader, United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

Followed by Presentations and Discussion with
Roger Helmer MEP
Head of the UKIP Delegation to the European Parliament

William Dartmouth MEP
UKIP Spokesman on Trade

Paul Nuttall MEP
Deputy Leader, United Kingdom Independence Party

Moderated by
Joel Anand Samy
Senior Adviser for Strategic Outreach, The Heritage Foundation

Hosted By

Becky Norton Dunlop Becky Norton Dunlop

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