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Jul 01

Pakistan’s Path to Economic Freedom

Pakistan has sometimes been referred to as a “failing state,” given its economic, sectarian, and terrorism challenges. However, a close look at Pakistan’s economy over the last couple of years shows some signs of recovery and modest improvements with regard to economic freedom. Still, the country continues to suffer from the lack of structural economic reform. Large sections of the population live in poverty and survive on subsistence agriculture, while inefficient but omnipresent regulatory agencies inhibit business formation throughout the economy. Lack of access to bank credit undermines entrepreneurship, and the financial sector’s isolation from the outside world has slowed down innovation and growth.

What steps are necessary to place Pakistan on the path to greater economic growth that will pave the way for a stable and prosperous future? Please join us for an in-depth discussion of these important issues.

More About the Speakers

Huma Sattar
Visiting Pakistani Scholar, The Heritage Foundation, and Co-Author of the Special Report: “Pakistan’s Economic Disarray and How to Fix It”

Marc Schleifer
Director of Eurasia and South Asia, Center for International Private Enterprise

Michael Kugelman
Senior Program Associate for South and Southeast Asia, Woodrow Wilson Center

Mark Karns
Multi-Sector Advisor to the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs of USAID

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