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Jul 15

Confronting the Human Rights Challenge in North Korea

Keynote Address by
Lee Hyeon-seo
North Korean defector and Author of
The Girl With Seven Names: A North Korean Defectors Story

Ms. Lee described her life under the North Korean regime and her escape in a widely popular TED talk. In her recently published book, The Girl With Seven Names, Ms. Lee also recounts life in South Korea and her harrowing efforts to get her family to freedom. She explains “leaving North Korea is not like leaving any other country. It is more like leaving another universe. I will never truly be free of its gravity, no matter how far I journey. Even for those who have suffered unimaginably there and have escaped hell, life in the free world can be so challenging that many struggle to come to terms with it and find happiness.”

Followed by a Discussion on North Korean Human Rights Conditions and Policy Recommendations with

Ms. Param-Preet Singh, Senior Counsel, International Justice Program, Human Rights Watch
T. Kumar, International Advocacy Director, Amnesty International USA
Joshua Stanton, Author, Arsenal of Terror: North Korea, State Sponsor of Terrorism and Blogger, One Free Korea

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Bruce Klingner Bruce Klingner

Senior Research Fellow, Northeast Asia Read More