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Jul 10

A View from the Frontlines of Islamist Insurgency: Perspectives on Terrorism in the Middle East and South Asia

What do ISIS’s rise in Iraq and Syria and Iran’s new-found power and growing sphere of influence in the region portend for the broader Middle East? What is being done to counter Islamist extremist forces in the region and what is the current state of play? How do the current regional dynamics impact the threat from al-Qaeda, especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Join us at The Heritage Foundation as a panel of experts discuss the evolving regional dynamics and trends pertaining to the threat of Islamist extremism and share with us various perspectives on the struggle against the threat.

More About the Speakers

Sara Carter
Senior Reporter, American Media Institute

Sebastian Gorka, Ph.D.
Major General Matthew C. Horner Distinguished Chair of Military Theory, Marine Corps University

Katherine Zimmerman
Research Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

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Lisa Curtis Lisa Curtis

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