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Jul 08

Conservative Heroes: Fourteen Leaders Who Shaped America, From Jefferson to Reagan

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A prevailing myth asserts that there is no American conservative tradition. In truth, conservatism in America, as one early-twentieth-century politician said, is “as old as the Republic itself.” But what are its foundational principles, and how did they form the modern conservative movement?

In Conservative Heroes, author and historian Garland Tucker tells the compelling story of conservatism in America through fourteen champions of conservative thought – some well-known, others hardly remembered at all. From the American Founding to the modern era, Tucker traces the development of five basic tenets of conservatism and shows how these leaders put principle into action. In doing so, he explains why we need to understand these real-life stories to tackle the most pressing challenges we face today.

Garland S. Tucker III is also the author of The High Tide of American Conservatism: Davis, Coolidge, and the 1924 Election. He has written for National Review, the Washington Times, as well as other leading publications and is a frequent media guest on major radio and television networks. He serves as Chairman and CEO of Triangle Capital Corporation, a publicly traded specialty finance company located in Raleigh, North Carolina. A graduate of Washington and Lee University with an MBA from the Harvard Business School, Tucker is a former member of the New York Stock Exchange and serves on the boards of a number of companies, schools, and charitable organizations.

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