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Jun 10

Freedom and a Culture of Intolerance: Will Religious Minorities Survive in the Middle East?

A deadly intolerance of religious minorities has swept through a number of areas in the Middle East in recent months. Radical Islamism under the banner of ISIS has particularly threatened ancient Christian communities. What can be done to secure the future of these religious communities in embattled areas? What characterizes a culture of intolerance, and how should it be addressed? Join us for observations from Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, reporting on his recent visit to the conflict zone in Iraq, as he shares thoughts about the future of religious minorities in the region.

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali was Bishop of Rochester in the Church of England from 1994 to 2009. He currently serves as president of OXTRAD, the Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue. Pakistani-born, he served as Bishop of Raiwind in Pakistan and is a prominent spokesman for a meaningful engagement between Christianity and Islam and commentator on the rise of Islamism.

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Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali
Former Bishop of Rochester, Church of England, and President, OXTRAD

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