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Jun 04

The Last Patrol

Livestream discussion begins at 7:30 PM.

A special documentary screening co-hosted by

From Oscar-nominated filmmaker and best-selling author Sebastian Junger comes The Last Patrol, a film dedicated to exploring how combat veterans deal with the loss of friends and relearn how to acclimate to domestic life in America after returning home from war.

Following the death of their close friend Tim Hetherington, a group of four veterans of combat – Brendan O’Bryne, Dave Roles, Guillermo Cervera and Junger – set out on a ‘patrol’ from Washington, D.C. to Pennsylvania in order to honor their fallen friend and to seriously explore what it means to readjust to civilian life after combat.

On their 300 mile march along the rail lines north from Washington, D.C., the men featured in The Last Patrol wrestle with the elements of combat they’ve come to miss – the rush of adrenaline experienced during a fierce firefight and the strong bonds of brotherhood that link together comrades-in-arms in ways that can only be experienced in combat.

Join us for this special showing of The Last Patrol and for what promises to be a moving and insightful examination of what life after combat is like for America’s contemporary veterans.

Hosted by
Jay Nordlinger
Senior Editor, National Review

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Sebastian Junger
Director and Best-selling Author