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May 28

Veteran Nation: The Mission On The Homefront Has Just Begun

Today, there are over 22 million veterans living in America. Thirty percent of veterans live with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. They make up one fifth of the homeless population. And an estimated 18 veterans commit suicide every day. Never has there been such a great need to serve our military veterans.

But they aren’t just victims. More than three million veterans run their own small businesses. They are civic-minded, as reflected in the 16 veterans who were elected to Congress in 2012. They are one of our nation’s greatest resources.

A moving 30-minute documentary, Veteran Nation offers an overview of how the nation has treated its veterans from the American Revolution to the present, and then focuses on the contemporary and future challenges of serving the nation’s veterans. It tells the story of current veterans who are fighting to heal the wounds of war while preparing for a lifetime of service. Veteran Nation will inspire you to help serve those that served.

Hosted by
Deborah L. Snyder, LTC, USA (Ret.)
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Operation Renewed Hope Foundation

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