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May 14

Israel and the United States: An Alliance Built on Shared Values and Interests

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The Jesse Helms Lecture Series highlights foreign policies that Senator Helms championed throughout his years in office. Of particular concern to Senator Helms was maintaining and strengthening the close relationship between America and Israel. In his memoirs Senator Helms wrote:

There are many reasons why the United States should be a good friend to Israel, but none more important than the right of Israeli citizens to live with freedom from fear of their neighbors. Indeed, this is a right the innocent citizens of every country should enjoy.

Join us as Ambassador Ron Dermer discusses the common values that serve as the foundation of the longstanding relationship between Israel and the United States and why they must remain steadfast allies if they are to overcome the serious challenges threatening both nations in today’s world.

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His Excellency Ron Dermer
Ambassador of Israel to the United States

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