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May 12

Every School: One Citizen’s Guide to Transforming Education

A book event co-hosted by the Discovery Institute

How would an entrepreneur reform education? In Every School, Don Nielsen draws on his business career and two decades as a school activist to offer innovative solutions to the educational challenges facing our country. Lasting change, he argues, will not come mainly through local school boards, but rather through state legislative action that empowers school administrators to make choices in the interests of their students. His recommendations provide parents, policymakers, and citizens with the ideas needed to address the deficiencies in our current system and achieve the highest potential in our children.

Donald P. Nielsen is a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute and a successful entrepreneur. He and a partner started a company in 1969 that became Hazleton Corporation and grew it to a listing on the NYSE in 1983. Since retiring in 1992, Nielsen has devoted most of his energy to public education, serving eight years on the Seattle School Board and working with universities, education-oriented non-profits and school districts.

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Donald P. Nielsen
Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute

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