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Apr 29

Transparency in State Government

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Conservatives achieved historic victories in the 2010 elections at the federal and state levels by riding a wave of discontent over federal overreach and fiscal profligacy. But undergirding these concerns was frustration over a deeper problem: the culture of secrecy maintained by public officials to ensure that their decisions be insulated from public scrutiny. Conservatives who took office in 2011 recognized quickly that no effort to rein in government overreach could be successful over the long term unless paired with a sustained focus on increasing transparency and accountability.

Joshua A. “Josh” Mandel was sworn in for his second term as the 48th Treasurer of the State of Ohio on January 12, 2015. A Marine Corps veteran and a former member of Ohio’s General Assembly, Treasurer Mandel has made improving the state’s transparency efforts a core component of his agenda for fiscal responsibility. This year, as part of his office’s ongoing Transparency Project, Treasurer Mandel launched an Online Checkbook allowing taxpayers easy access to information on the state’s expenses, including a list of Ohio’s highest-paid contractors and agency-level spending data broken down to the line item. In recognition of his leadership, he has been named legislative “Rookie of the Year” by the non-partisan Columbus Monthly Magazine and “Watchdog of the Treasury” by the United Conservatives of Ohio.

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The Honorable Josh Mandel
Treasurer, State of Ohio

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