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Mar 11

Surviving the End: A Practical Guide for Everyday Americans in the Age of Terror

Featuring author James Jay Carafano

Bioterrorism. Dirty bombs. Electromagnetic pulse attacks. Threats with the power to annihilate our way of life constantly hang over Americans’ heads. But you don’t have to dig yourself a bunker to make it through the worst.

Terrorism expert and former Army Lt. Colonel James Jay Carafano has created the guide for everyday Americans to weather the harshest storms: Surviving the End: A Practical Guide for Everyday Americans in the Age of Terror, new from PJ Media’s Freedom Academy. You don’t have to have a cellar full of canned goods or battlefield combat training to follow Carafano’s recommendations. Surviving the End is a disaster preparation book for the rest of us: practical, achievable, common-sense skills and precautions that anyone can take to be a little more prepared for the next big disaster.

Surviving the End can be downloaded at www.SurvivingtheEndBook.com.

James Jay Carafano is a leading expert in national security and foreign policy challenges and an accomplished historian, author and teacher. He is Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University and the Institute of World Politics. He has served as a Visiting Professor at the National Defense University, Assistant Professor at the U.S. Military Academy, Director of Military Studies at the Army's Center of Military History, and Fleet Professor at the U.S. Naval War College.

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