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Mar 31

Does Antitrust Trump State Regulation? - The Supreme Court’s North Carolina Dental Decision

In its February 25 North Carolina Dental v. Federal Trade Commission decision, the Supreme Court held that a state regulatory board that is controlled by market participants in the industry being regulated cannot invoke “state action” antitrust immunity unless it is “actively supervised” by the state. Will this decision discourage harmful protectionist regulation, such as the prohibition on tooth whitening by non-dentists at issue in this case? Will it also interfere with the ability of states to shape their regulatory programs as they see fit? A U.S. Federal Trade Commissioner and two expert commentators will address this important set of questions.

More About the Speakers

Remarks by
The Honorable Maureen K. Ohlhausen
Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

With Commentaries from
Clark Neily, Esq.
Senior Attorney, Institute for Justice

Misha Tseytlin
General Counsel, Office of the Attorney General of West Virginia

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Alden  Abbott Alden Abbott

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