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Mar 26

The Way Forward in the U.S.-Afghanistan Security Partnership

Join us as Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan, discusses the way forward for the U.S.-Afghanistan partnership. How can the two countries continue to work together to ensure Afghanistan’s long-term security and stability? What kinds of support do the Afghan security forces require to stave off Taliban advances? What should be the long-term U.S. role in helping to stabilize the country?

Following months of political tensions over disputed election results, the two main contenders, Dr. Abdullah and Dr. Ashraf Ghani, agreed last fall to a power sharing arrangement in which Ghani became the country’s new President and Abdullah was sworn in as his Chief Executive. The two leaders will be in Washington for an official visit March 22-25.

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Keynote Remarks by
His Excellency Abdullah Abdullah
Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan

Lisa Curtis
Senior Research Fellow for South Asia, Asian Studies Center, The Heritage Foundation

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