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Feb 03

Introduction to Homeland Defense and Defense Support of Civil Authorities: The U.S. Military’s Role to Support and Defend

The application of our Armed Forces within the states and territories of the United States is far from intuitive. The challenges of defending the country against assaults within the homeland are much more complex than engaging our enemies on foreign soil. Likewise, the introduction of the military’s many capabilities in response to disasters -- whether natural or manmade – comes with restrictions reflective of an American ethos that will always hold those forces as the servants of the people, never their overseers.

In his recent book, Introduction to Homeland Defense and Defense Support of Civil Authorities – available from Amazon.com – Professor Bert Tussing examines the requirements and regulations that guide the utilization of our forces in the domestic environment. As the challenges to our homeland security become increasingly complex, so too does the potential application of military resources to address such domestic catastrophes. Join us for a discussion of this critical and ever-evolving national security nexus.

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Bert B. Tussing
Director, Homeland Defense and Security Issues, Center for Strategic Leadership, Army War College

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Steven P. Bucci, Ph.D. Steven P. Bucci, Ph.D.

Visiting Fellow, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign and National Security Policy Read More