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Jan 16

Tunisia’s Ongoing Political and Economic Transition: Challenges and Opportunities

January 14, 2015 marks the fourth year since Tunisia became the birthplace of the Arab Spring after Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his crony-dictatorship regime was removed from power. Today the political landscape across the Middle East and North Africa is vastly different than four years ago. Some countries, such as Morocco and Jordan are better off following significant democratic reforms, while Syria and Libya remain in perpetual violence and civil war. In the wake of successful parliamentary and presidential elections, the new year holds a new set of challenges for Tunisia and its newly elected leadership, most importantly tackling critical economic reforms and countering Islamist extremism. Tunisia’s continued commitment to a democratic transition has created a model for the region.

Join us as our panelists discuss ways forward to support Tunisia’s ongoing transition and how to advance the United States’ relationship with the new Tunisia.

More About the Speakers

Ambassador Mark Green
President, International Republican Institute

Alexis Arieff
Analyst in African Affairs, Congressional Research Service

Shantayanan Devarajan
Chief Economist, Middle East and North Africa Region, The World Bank

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Charlotte Florance Charlotte Florance

Policy Analyst, Africa and the Middle East Read More