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Dec 02

Whistleblowers, Leaks, and the Media: The First Amendment and National Security

Whistleblowers, Leaks, and the Media is a broad-based introduction to the legal and policy issues regarding the media’s coverage of national security. A joint project of the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Law and National Security and the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, it is a compilation of essays looking at the constitutional foundations and limitations of the U.S. government in a contemporary context. It examines how laws and freedom collide in cases where individuals leak information to the media. The book also explains how the U.S. Supreme Court has interpreted laws that pit freedoms against government interests and considers how the Internet world and big data are affecting privacy.

Paul Rosenzweig is a homeland security consultant, a Senior Advisor to the Chertoff Group, and a Visiting Fellow at The Heritage Foundation. George Jameson is a private consultant on national and international security issues and Chairman of the Council on Intelligence Issues. Gene Policinski is Chief Operating Officer of the Newseum Institute and Senior Vice President of the Newseum’s First Amendment Center.

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