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Dec 10

Making Sausage: Improving the Tax Policy-Making Process

The reality is that tax policy can have a dramatic impact on the levels of investment, employment and economic growth. Yet, the official revenue estimates of proposed tax legislation do not take this into account. Distributional analyses look only at one year effects and also fail to account for the real world impact of proposed tax changes. Tax expenditure lists rely on a highly idiosyncratic definition of a “normal” tax system that is inconsistent with any economic theory. The work of the Joint Committee on Taxation is anything but transparent.

Join us as two of the leading experts on these subjects discuss how to make the tax policy-making process better.

More About the Speakers

Douglas Holtz-Eakin
President, American Action Forum and former Director, Congressional Budget Office

Scott Hodge
President, Tax Foundation

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David R. Burton David R. Burton

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