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Dec 11

Iron Dome: Perspectives From Israel

The Iron Dome has provided Israel with necessary defense in response to short-range rocket and mortar threats, particularly those fired by Hamas. The Iron Dome’s performance has proven it to be a successful air defense system, with some reports citing a 90-percent interception rate. Partially funded by the United States, the Iron Dome system is a key aspect of U.S.-Israeli cooperation on defense issues.

The Heritage Foundation is honored to host Brigadier-General Shachar Shohat, current Commander of the Israeli Air-Defense Forces. Brigadier General Shohat is responsible for the Iron Dome system as well as the Arrow system and David’s Sling. In Israel’s most recent defensive campaign in Gaza, Brigadier General Shohat served as the most senior commander for the Israeli Air Defense.

Join us as he brings his expertise and years of experience to a discussion of the Iron Dome and Israel’s other air and missile defense systems.

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Brigadier General Shachar Shohat
Commander, Israeli Air-Defense Forces

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Steven P. Bucci, Ph.D. Steven P. Bucci, Ph.D.

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