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Dec 18

And Now for a Congressional Growth Agenda

Economic growth in this recovery has averaged only half the rate of past World War II recessions. Average wages haven't risen in seven years. And most Americans are worried that the economic future for their children will be worse, not better than now. What does the new Republican Congress in 2015 need to do to pump up growth? How should it reform the tax code?

Join us as our panel of experts explores these questions and debates possible solutions moving into the new Congressional year.

More About the Speakers

Carly Fiorina
Former CEO, Hewlett-Packard Company, and President, Fiorina Enterprises

Larry Kudlow
CNBC Commentator and Kudlow Radio Show

Arthur Laffer
President, Laffer and Associates

James Pethokoukis
Columnist, American Enterprise Institute

Hosted By

Stephen Moore Stephen Moore

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