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Nov 12

The Reagan Enigma: 1964-1980

Reagan insider and former adviser, Thomas Reed gives readers a definitive treatise on Reagan's mind. Reed, who managed and worked closely with Reagan during the complex leader's politically formative years, reveals untold tales that bring new insight and clarity to understanding him.

The Reagan Enigma takes students of politics one step closer to the emergence of a great leader. Reagan's mind was focused and decisive. He was a political grand master, a dozen moves ahead of every opponent at every turn. His mind was lightning-fast, with an immense capacity for facts and history. Reagan was more than an actor; he was a master of the stage. And, Reagan's conversion, from FDR-supporting Democrat to Eisenhower Republican had multiple roots.

By opening his personal archives for the first time and collecting the insights of his surviving peers, Reed is able to weave all of it into an explanation of Reagan's mind and provide a fresh perspective that many have sought but few have found.

Thomas C. Reed is a former Secretary of the Air Force, having served in that capacity during the Ford and Carter Administrations. During the mid-sixties and early seventies, Reed managed and directed Reagan's gubernatorial campaigns along with the 1968 presidential nomination drive. During the eighties, Reed served as Special Assistant to President Reagan for National Security Policy.

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