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Nov 18

The Barry Goldwater 1964 Campaign 50th Anniversary Forum

In Your Heart You Know He’s Right

Fifty years ago as the Republican Party’s Presidential nominee, Senator Barry Goldwater lost the 1964 election in a landslide. In defeat, however, he proved to be the most consequential loser in American politics. By mobilizing a large conservative grassroots coalition – the first of its kind to win the Republican nomination – his conservative ideas and straight talk galvanized the modern conservative movement and sowed the seeds of a national political revolution. Join us as participants in the 1964 Goldwater for President campaign reminisce about the battle and reflect on the profound impact the candidate and campaign had – and continue to have – on American politics.

More About the Speakers

Phyllis Schlafly
Author of the book on Senator Goldwater, A Choice, Not an Echo

Vic Gold
Deputy Press Secretary, Goldwater for President Campaign

Jack Cox
Chief of Staff to Representative Barry Goldwater, Jr. and National Board Member, Young Americans for Freedom

Neal B. Freeman
Washington Editor of National Review (1964)

Hosted By

Lee Edwards, Ph.D. Lee Edwards, Ph.D.

Distinguished Fellow in Conservative Thought, B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics Read More