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Nov 05

WTO and Mandatory Country-of-Origin Labeling: What’s Next?

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has again ruled against the U.S. government in an ongoing mandatory country-of-origin (COOL) meat labeling dispute. After the WTO found that previous USDA rules discriminated against meat produced from livestock imported from Canada and Mexico, the USDA issued new regulations to come into compliance with U.S. trade obligations. But according to a recent WTO decision, “… the amended COOL measure entails increased detrimental impact on imported livestock.” As a result, U.S. industries, not just those in agriculture, could face retaliation by Canada and Mexico that could cost the domestic economy billions of dollars.

Will the U.S. appeal the WTO decision? What does the country-of-origin labeling rule require and is it sound policy? What is the impact of the WTO decision?

Join us as our panel explores these critical issues and examines what the United States should do to address COOL.

More About the Speakers

Mark Dopp
Senior Vice President Regulatory Affairs and General Counsel, American Meat Institute

Edward J. Farrell
Principal, OFW Law, and Counsel, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

John G. Murphy
Senior Vice President for International Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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Bryan Riley Bryan Riley

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