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Oct 31

Tunisia: Moving Forward

On Sunday, October 26, Tunisians peacefully cast critical ballots in their country’s first full parliamentary election under the new constitution that was adopted earlier this year. The main secular party Nidaa Tounes (Tunisia’s Call) won the largest number of seats with Ennahda (Renaissance party), the moderate Islamist party, securing the second largest number of seats in the 217 member parliament. The new members voted into the assembly will choose a new prime minister and form a new government. The country is set to hold a presidential election on November 23 this year.

Holding a free and fair election without violence, Tunisia has defied skeptics once again and continues its bottom-up democratic transition in a highly volatile region. The post-election period will require cooperation as much as courage and conviction in dealing with challenges. As Tunisia moves forward, it continues to be a source of hope for other countries in the region. The Arab Spring began in Tunisia, and it is Tunisia that has the chance to fulfill the call for freedom and dignity.

Join us as His Excellency M’Hamed Ezzine Chelaifa, Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to the United States, updates us on the recent parliamentary election and shares his views at this critical juncture in Tunisia’s transition to democracy.

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His Excellency M’Hamed Ezzine Chelaifa
Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to the United States

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James Jay Carafano, Ph.D. James Jay Carafano, Ph.D.

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