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Oct 29

Opportunity in America: What It Means and How It Grows - The 2014 Index of Culture and Opportunity

Introductory Remarks
Jennifer Marshall, The Heritage Foundation, Co-Host
David Azerrad, The Heritage Foundation

Rea Hederman, Jr., The Buckeye Institute, Co-Host
Chuck Donovan, Charlotte Lozier Institute
Heather Mac Donald, The Manhattan Institute
Steve Moore, The Heritage Foundation

Popular conversation about opportunity often takes too narrow a view, failing to see the full range of contributors. Freedom from artificial impediments like burdensome regulations or the current economic climate are part, but not all, of what opens the way of opportunity. Factors like family and the formation of values also play a significant role.

That’s why The Heritage Foundation created the 2014 Index of Culture and Opportunity, which explains how social and economic factors influence Americans’ chance of success. Through charts that track changes and commentary that explains the trends, the Index shows key features of American society and whether they are improving or going the wrong direction.

Join contributors to the 2014 Index for a conversation about what we can do in policy and culture to expand opportunity for all Americans.

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