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Oct 07

The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence

While the world has made encouraging strides in the fight against global poverty, there is a hidden crisis silently undermining our best efforts to help the poor: a plague of everyday violence. Beneath the surface of the world's poorest communities, common violence – rape, forced labor, illegal detention, land theft, police abuse and other brutality – has become routine and relentless. And like a horde of locusts devouring everything in their path, this unchecked plague of violence ruins lives, blocks the road out of poverty, and undercuts development.

How has this plague of violence grown so ferocious? The answer is startlingly simple: there is nothing shielding the poor from violent people. Over the last half-century, basic public justice systems in the developing world have descended into a state of utter collapse.

In The Locust Effect, Victor Boutros and Gary A. Haugen examine how we got here – and what it will take to end the plague. They present real-life stories, offer startling new data, and provide an often uncomfortable journey into the streets and slums – where fear is a daily reality, where safety is secured only for those with money, and where much of our well-intended aid is lost in the daily chaos of violence. To help secure a path to prosperity for billions of the world’s poorest in the 21st Century, we must have a full and better understanding of the challenges they – and we – face.

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