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Oct 14

Keeping Elections Honest: How States Can Protect Your Vote

The United States has a long history of voter fraud that has been documented by historians and journalists. Such fraud can make the difference in a close election, and we have many elections – particularly at the local and state level – that are decided by a very small number of votes. Every American citizen who is eligible should be able to vote, but it is equally important that every citizen’s vote not be diluted or stolen through fraud, especially fraud that could change the outcome of an election. Election integrity is fundamental to securing free and fair elections, which are the key to preserving our democracy. Is your vote in the upcoming election safe? What steps have been taken by election officials to ensure the integrity of the voting and election process? How accurate are our voter registration rolls? What are the responsibilities of state versus federal officials when it comes to protecting the franchise? What problems can we expect?

Join us as our panel of chief state election officials and the head of a citizens group dedicated to election integrity discuss these issues, moderated by a former commissioner on the Federal Election Commission.

More About the Speakers

Catherine Engelbrecht
President, True the Vote 

The Honorable Scott Gessler
Secretary of State, State of Colorado 

The Honorable Kris Kobach
Secretary of State, State of Kansas

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Hans A. von Spakovsky Hans A. von Spakovsky

Manager, Election Law Reform Initiative and Senior Legal Fellow Read More