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Oct 16

Constitution, Inc.: What Rights Do Corporations Have?

Today, the question of the legal and moral status of corporations is more important than ever. Recent Supreme Court decisions in cases like Hobby Lobby and Citizens United have served as lightning rods for public debate. What is the legal status of the corporation in American law? This unsettled theoretical question is of immense importance going forward in so many areas of American law. Corporate religious rights, the rights of civic groups to organize and speak on political matters, the rights of "the Press," the academy – all of these areas get at the heart of the question on everyone's mind: are corporations people for purposes of exercising constitutional rights? Join us for a distinguished panel of legal scholars to discuss this important topic.

More About the Speakers

Robert Post
Dean and Sol & Lillian Goldman Professor of Law, Yale Law School 

Mark Rienzi
Associate Professor of Law, Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America, and Senior Counsel, Becket Fund for Religious Liberty 

Sarah Duggin
Professor of Law and former Director of the Law and Public Policy Program, Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America

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