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Aug 12

Free at Last: How and Why Union Members Leave their Unions

Throughout the country, millions of union members would leave their union if they could do so without penalty. This information comes from a new poll that will be released at this event. Why do so many union employees want to leave their union? What was it like for those who have left or are resisting efforts to unionize their workplaces?

Rebecca Friedrichs, a veteran California public school teacher and former union official, is the lead plaintiff in Friedrichs vs. CTA, which seeks to protect free association by bringing right-to-work freedoms to public sector unionism. Robert Wiersema is a former member of the Michigan Education Association, which attempted to hinder his desire to drop MEA membership after Michigan passed a right-to-work law. For the past nine years, Jennifer Parrish, a home childcare provider, has fought attempts in Minnesota and around the country to unionize home childcare providers. Victor Joecks serves as Executive Director of National Employee Freedom Week, a coalition of 69 groups in 40 states dedicated to helping union employees learn about the freedoms they have to refrain from union membership.

More About the Speakers

Rebecca Friedrichs
27-year Teacher, former California Teacher Association member, and Lead Plaintiff in Friedrichs v. CTA

Robert J. Wiersema II
17-year Teacher and former Michigan Education Association member

Jennifer Parrish
Home childcare provider and Lead Plaintiff in Parrish v. Dayton

Victor Joecks
Executive Director, National Employee Freedom Week

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