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Jun 17

Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department

When questioned by congressional committees on sensitive issues like the ATF "gunwalking" scandal or the surveillance of Fox News' reporter James Rosen, Attorney General Eric Holder either claimed ignorance or denied specific knowledge. When it was later revealed that he had personally signed off on the Rosen investigation, calls were heard across the political spectrum for his resignation. Holder became the first attorney general in history to be held in contempt by the House of Representatives over a reckless operation that killed a border patrol agent and numerous Mexican citizens. Yet, he remains in his job. 

In Obama's Enforcer, authors John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky describe the transformation of the U.S. Department of Justice into a stronghold of progressive legal activism and provide in-depth portraits of the radical lawyers in the Attorney General's inner circle. Holder and his agency protect the President's flank on numerous fronts, all the while actively advancing a hidden political agenda. Under the current regime, a new politically correct laxity has been injected into domestic security issues, an unprecedented expansion of politically correct actions have been initiated by the Civil Rights Division, widespread attacks have been launched on election integrity efforts, taxpayer funds have been funneled to political allies through collusive settlements, and much more. Obama's Enforcer provides an investigative look inside our country's largest law enforcement agency and examines the true and dangerous role it is playing.

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