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Jun 02

Telling Truth to Power: Opposition Duma Member Ilya Ponomarev on Ukraine, Russia, and the West

Ilya Ponomarev is one of the most impressive young politicians in today's Russia. He is the only member of the Russian Parliament who voted against granting President Vladimir Putin legal powers to use force against Ukraine. Over the years, he has repeated voted against a number of United Russia's draconian initiatives, which are supported by the "official opposition." As a result, his face is now featured on huge posters in the middle of Moscow calling him a "national traitor," a scary term that Russia’s ruling party uses today for dissidents and regime opponents like Mr. Ponomarev. Join us as he discusses his views on the anti-democracy crackdown in Russia, the Russian-Ukrainian hostilities, and the state of U.S.-Russian relations. 

Ilya Ponomarev is a pro-democracy and a pro-business advocate with over 20 years of political experience. Over the course of his political career, he promoted numerous fiscal and economic measures to support small and medium businesses in Russia and to foster competition. He also worked in international operations and investments in high technology industries focusing on IT and energy. Mr. Ponomarev served as a Director for Business Development and Marketing in CIS for Schlumberger Russia and as a Vice President of YUKOS Oil Company.

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The Honorable Ilya Ponomarev
Member, State Duma of the Russian Federation

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