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May 06

Blueprint for Economic Freedom and Prosperity in Asia

On May 6, The Heritage Foundation will release its 2014 Global Agenda for Economic Freedom expanding on the country snapshots produced in the Index of Economic Freedom published annually by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal. The 43 countries encompassing the Asia-Pacific region made the greatest gains in economic freedom of any region over the past year in the 2014 Index. Economic freedom in the region, however, continues to be distinguished by enormous disparities. This leads to major disparities in opportunity both for businesses and consumers. 

Join us for a discussion of the focal points for liberalization in Asia as experts discuss land rights, privatization of state-owned enterprises, the need for greater transparency to combat corruption, the harmful effects of an expansive monetary policy, and the private sector’s role in building infrastructure, as well as financial liberalization, auditing and reporting standards, and privatization. Senator Jim DeMint, President of The Heritage Foundation, will introduce this report and lead this discussion on the eve of his first visit to Asia since joining Heritage in 2013.

More About the Speakers

Introductory Remarks by
The Honorable Jim DeMint
President, The Heritage Foundation 

Followed by a Discussion with
William T. Wilson, Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow for Asian Economies, The Heritage Foundation

John G. Murphy
Vice President of International Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Hosted By

James M. Roberts James M. Roberts

Research Fellow For Economic Freedom and Growth Read More