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May 20

A Time to Attack: The Looming Iranian Nuclear Threat

What does it mean for Iran to have nuclear weapons capabilities? And what should the United States do about this threatening situation? 

Iran’s advanced nuclear program may be the world’s most important emerging international security challenge. If not stopped, a nuclear-capable Iran will mean an even more crisis-prone Middle East, a potential nuclear-arms race in the region and around the world, and an increased risk of nuclear war against Israel and the United States, among many other imminent global threats. 

Dr. Matthew Kroenig, an internationally recognized authority on Iran’s nuclear program, explains why we need to take immediate steps to a diplomatic and, if necessary, a military solution – now – before Iran makes any further nuclear advances. In A Time to Attack, he provides an authoritative account of the history of Iran’s nuclear program and the international community’s attempts to stop it. Dr. Kroenig then explains and assesses the options available to policymakers and reflects on what the resolution of the Iranian nuclear challenge can mean for the future of international order. 

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Dr. Matthew Kroenig
Associate Professor and International Relations Field Chair, Department of Government, Georgetown University

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