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Apr 21

Propaganda, Disinformation, and Dirty Tricks: The Resurgence of Russian Political Warfare

The Russian invasion and annexation of Crimea, a part of Ukraine, has renewed the interest in Russia’s extensive political warfare activities. In Crimea, Eastern Ukraine, and other states of the former Soviet Union, Russian influence operations have been aggressively increased and targeted at Russian-speaking populations, who often have little other access to news and information and, therefore, are easy targets for Russian propaganda. Russian efforts hark back to the ideological battles and active measures of the Cold War and are aimed at audiences and policymakers here in the United States as well. For home audiences, Russian propaganda persistently shows strong strains of anti-Americanism. Join us as our panel of experts analyzes this threat and how the United States can best counter it.

More About the Speakers

John Lenczowski, Ph.D.
President, Institute of World Politics 

Paul Goble
Former Special Advisor to the International Broadcasting Board, and Guest Lecturer, Institute of World Politics 

Ariel Cohen, Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow for Russia and Eurasia Studies, The Heritage Foundation

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