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Apr 23

U.S. Army Aviation Restructure Initiative: A Win-Win for National Guard and Active Duty?

The U.S. Army has proposed an initiative to restructure its aviation assets so that the Active Duty and National Guard components each receive the aircraft that best aligns with their respective missions, makes most effective use of taxpayer dollars, and preserves the greatest amount of capability across the Total Army force. This entails the transfer of AH-64 Apache attack helicopters from the Guard to the Active force and a transfer of some of the Active Duty’s UH-60 Blackhawk utility aircraft to the Guard. The Guard has flown Apaches during wartime in Iraq and Afghanistan, but as those conflicts conclude, the Army contends the transfer of the attack helicopters is the only way to ensure that pilots maintain sufficient proficiency. The Guard benefits from this transfer by receiving aircraft that are more capable and relevant to their peacetime missions supporting their state Governors and other civil authorities. Yet some in the Guard and in Congress question this transfer and are calling for a commission to study that matter further. 

Join us as a panel of experts discusses the pros and cons of this restructuring initiative, how the Army will sustain its Active and Guard components, and the future of its force structure as the military resets after more than a decade at war.

More About the Speakers

Maren Leed, Ph.D.
Senior Adviser, Harold Brown Chair in Defense Policy Studies, Center for Strategic and International Studies 

Benjamin Freeman, Ph.D.
Policy Advisor, National Security Program, Third Way 

Dr. Daniel Gouré
Vice President, Lexington Institute

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