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Mar 10

A Conversation with the Oak Ridge Boys

During their publicity tour of Washington, DC on March 10, The Oak Ridge Boys asked if they could drop-by Heritage and say “hello.” 

This was an opportunity we just couldn’t refuse! 

You are invited to come and meet The Oak Ridge Boys at noon on March 10 in Allison Auditorium, as they share some stories, take your questions, and offer time for photo opportunities.

The Oak Ridge Boys have always been one of the busiest touring acts in country, bringing their infectious music to fans across the nation and around the globe since the 1980s. But curiously enough, the award-winning quartet of Duane Allen, Joe Bonsall, Richard Sterban and William Lee Golden has never recorded a live album. That is, until now. 

On April 15, the Oaks will release their first-ever live recording, Boys Night Out, on Cleopatra Records. The live tracks will include such timeless Oak Ridge Boys hits as “Elvira,” “Bobbie Sue,” “American Made” and many others. Fans have been asking for a live album for years, but as Duane Allen explains, “For one reason or another, the time never seemed right.” 

But with Boys Night Out, the group’s fans will finally have their wishes granted. Can we get an oom-papa-mow-mow?

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