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Feb 21

Understanding Venezuela’s Pro-Freedom Marches: Democracy Rekindled?

For weeks, Venezuela has been overcome by peaceful student-led protests. After a decade and a half of government abuses, skyrocketing inflation rates, and significant losses of political and economic freedom that have become more acute in recent months, supporters of democracy have taken to the streets to voice their discontent in numbers unprecedented in recent memory. In response, the police and government-sanctioned mobs have violently retaliated against protestors, arrested the leader of the democratic opposition, and expelled three U.S. diplomats. 

Join us for a panel discussion on the prospects for democracy in Venezuela and the implications for U.S.-Venezuela relations.

More About the Speakers

Ambassador Otto Reich
President of Otto Reich Associates, LLC; former Ambassador of the United States to Venezuela; and former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs 

Leopoldo Martinez
President of Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas; Representative of the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD); and former Congressman in Venezuela 

Beatrice Rangel
Managing Director AMIA Consulting Group and former Chief of Staff and Minister of the Secretariat of the Presidency 

Moderated by
Marc Wachtenheim
President of W International and President of Center for Freedom and Democracy

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Ana Quintana Ana Quintana

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