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Feb 12

Smokey Joe & The General: The Tale of General John E. Wood and his Protegé Lt. Ed Rowny

General John E. (“Smokey Joe”) Wood was considered one of the best trainers and innovators in the Army. Many of his “out of the box” techniques were widely adopted as doctrine. When Ed Rowny passed an initiation test considered impossible, Wood took special note and closely managed Rowny’s career for the next two decades. Rowny became the first Army officer in his class to be promoted to the general officer rank. 

In Smokey Joe & The General, Rowny details his training under Colonel Wood prior to World War II and his service under him in Liberia and Italy. He then reflects upon his own continued military service in Korea as General Douglas MacArthur’s official spokesman and as one of the planners for the invasion on Inchon as well as other notable moments in his distinguished military and civilian careers which spanned half a century. 

Lieutenant General Edward L. Rowny was a U.S. Army General and Ambassador, chief U.S. negotiator in arms reduction talks with the Soviet Union, and one of the originators of the helicopter as a platform for combat. He served as an arms control adviser and negotiator for five Presidents – Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush. In 1989, President Reagan awarded him the Presidential Citizen’s Medal as “one of the principal architects of peace through strength policy.” An author of various books and memoirs, Rowny also founded the Paderewski Scholarship Fund in 2004 to bring deserving Polish students to the United States to study the American style of democracy and capitalism. He currently serves as President of the American Polish Advisory Council.

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Ambassador and Lt. General (Ret.) Edward L. Rowny

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