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Feb 26

Fighting Terrorism under the Rule of Law: The Israeli Experience

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Since our country has been at war for over a decade, Americans are vaguely familiar with concepts like rules of engagement, friendly fire, and the law of armed conflict. Our collective knowledge is informed by anecdotes, movies, the news, and documentaries – most from a decidedly American-centric viewpoint. Join us as we hear from the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Deputy Military Advocate General Colonel Eli Bar-On, as he discusses the challenges posed to his country by non-state actors and the phenomenon of asymmetrical warfare. A 20-year veteran of the IDF, Colonel Bar-On will share his experiences and thoughts on the application of the law of armed conflict and international law in order to preserve the lives of both civilians and soldiers alike on both sides of the battlefield. A former military prosecutor, defense counsel, judge, legal advisor, and Deputy Military Advocate General, Colonel Bar-On takes us inside the challenges and threats to his country, and how Israel fights terrorism under the rule of law.

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Colonel Eli Bar-On
Deputy Military Advocate General, Israeli Defense Force

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