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Feb 14

America: Out of Balance or Ready for a Rebound?

The United States of America has dropped out of the top ten freest economies in TheWall Street Journal & Heritage Foundation’s 2014 Index of Economic Freedom and has dropped for seven years in a row – the only country to do so. Two recent books include theories of America’s potential decline and have a prescription for keeping our nation an economically vibrant and healthy superpower. 

In Balance, economists Tim Kane and Glenn Hubbard explain why economic imbalances cause civil collapse – and why the United States could be next. From the Ming Dynasty to Ottoman Turkey to imperial Spain, the Great Powers of the world emerged as the greatest economic, political, and military forces of their time – only to collapse into rubble and memory. What is at the root of their demise – and how can the United States stop this pattern? Rebound explains how America has brought security and freedom to so many people around the world. Historian Kim Holmes looks at when our nation was at the top of its game culturally, economically and socially, and globally; what’s gone wrong in those areas; and why and what Americans must do to help America “rebound.” 

Join us for what promises to be a stimulating discussion – is America ready to fall or bounce back? 

 ~ Copies of both books will be available for purchase and signing afterwards. ~

More About the Speakers

Tim Kane, Ph.D.
Research Fellow, The Hoover Institution, and Co-Author of Balance: The Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America 

Kim R. Holmes, Ph.D.
Distinguished Fellow, The Heritage Foundation, and Author of Rebound: Getting America Back to Great

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