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Jan 21

Citizen and Economic Insecurity in El Salvador

The Heritage Foundation invites you to a panel discussion on the upcoming elections in El Salvador and the stakes for U.S. national security. Three primary candidates are in the running to be the next president of El Salvador: Salvador Sánchez Cerén, of the current ruling party, the FMLN, a former Marxist guerilla organization; Norman Quijano, from ARENA party and the current mayor of San Salvador; and Antonio Saca, disgraced former president and candidate of the Unidad coalition. 

As a multitude of security threats, diminishing levels of economic freedom and mounting corruption continue to plague Central America, the United States will need to respond accordingly. Join us for a discussion on the elections, security concerns and the implications for the United States.

More About the Speakers

Dr. Juan José Daboub
Chairman and CEO, The Daboub Partnership, Former Minister of Finance of El Salvador, and Former Managing Director of the World Bank 

Elliott Abrams
Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies, Council on Foreign Relations, and Former Assistant Secretary of State, Inter-American Affairs, United States Department of State, and Former Deputy National Security Adviser, Global Strategy, United States National Security Council 

Michael Braun
Managing Partner, SGI Global, LLC., and Chief of Operations of the Drug Enforcement Agency 

José Cardenas
Director, Vision Americas, and Former Acting Assistant Administrator for Latin America and the Caribbean of the US Agency for International Development

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