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Jan 27

How Economic Freedom Promotes Better Health Care, Education, and Environmental Quality

Throughout history humans have been trapped in societies ruled by small and powerful elites where they lived in squalor, poverty, and ignorance—often bound to the land and vulnerable to disease and early death. Only in the last two centuries has there been a dramatic and widespread increase in global living standards. 

Research shows time and again that it is people—individuals, families, and communities in market-oriented, economically free countries where private property is protected by the rule of law—that produce the wealth needed for better social goods. Meanwhile, citizens in countries where the government encourages dependency on statist programs are still trapped in societies with generally lower scores on education, health care, and the environment.  

Join us for a discussion on the positive role economic freedom plays in producing and providing social goods. 

Donald J. Boudreaux is professor of economics at George Mason University and served as Chairman of GMU’s Economics Department. Boudreaux earned his Ph.D. in economics from Auburn University and his law degree from the University of Virginia. Along with GMU Professor Russ Roberts he maintains a blog, CafeHayek.com, and he has lectured widely in the United States and around the world. Dr. Boudreaux is the author of several books, including Globalization, and his writings have been published in the Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, Regulation, Reason, Ideas on Liberty, the Cato Journal, the Washington Times, the Journal of Commerce, and many other scholarly journals. He is a former president of the Foundation for Economic Education and was an Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Economics at Clemson University before joining GMU.

More About the Speakers

Donald J. Boudreaux, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics and, Martha and Nelson Getchell Chair for the Study of Free Market Capitalism at the Mercatus Center, George Mason University 

Ryan Olson
Research Assistant, Center for International Trade and Economics, The Heritage Foundation

Donald Schneider
Research Assistant, Center for Policy Innovation, The Heritage Foundation

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James M. Roberts James M. Roberts

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